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Five star... excellent quality and super fashionable!

My granddaughter didn’t take them off... wore them inside the house and outside, as well.

Roper Women's Western Cowgirl 3949 Cationic Bl & Wh Micro Fleece Jacket, Black

Not worth it

I received my hat in bad shape. The crown had a permanent dent in it and the whole hat was in bad shape. I don’t believe this happened in shipping. Overall the hat isn’t worth was it cost. I hope this isn’t typical as I intend to buy the silver outback when back in stock.

We're sorry your hat was damaged in shipping. We have messaged you privately to provide you with a pre-paid return label.


Excellent outstanding customer service in less of one week was resolve mi exchange thanks Silver Canyon

Pointed toe cowboy boots

Great boots but the they are way to tight for me. I got these in a size 10.5 wide which is what I wear so I should have ordered a size up. I would definitely order a larger size than what you wear especially since these are pointed toed boots. The leather is nice and has a nice smell. These boots have the walking heel and the sole is made so that these can be worn as work boots. All in all these are some really nice boots just make sure to account for the pointed toe when ordering. They are not like the squared toed boots.

I hope you found this helpful and if so then tap that helpful icon below. Thank you so much.

Very nice looking, feeling is a little... off...

Okay, this is one of my harder reviews to do. I owned a pair of cowboy boots almost all of my life, until roughly the last 6 years. I love cowboy boots and know they really need to be tried on individually in order to get the perfect fit. So I was not at all sure about ordering online. I do not know the Silver Canyon company (they appear fairly new), but their product looks interesting. So I went and gave it a try. In general these Mens Western Leather Cowboy Boots, Duke Heritage Round Toe by Silver Canyon (brown) are great. I like how they look, are my style, and appear very well made with quality leather. Here’s where it gets tough: fit. Again, I always have to try on a pair - these are handmade boots and each fit - no matter the size - is individual. You can try on 5 different pairs of the same boot and you’ll have 5 different fits. So why do it? Because I missed having cowboy boots. So... the fit with this pair is okay. Now I will admit, I’ve got some extra weight on so my calves are a bit larger - not fat, mostly muscle, but as I continue to loose upper weight they should come down a bit and once back to my normal size, these should fit my calves perfectly - now they are tight. But it’s the ankle where I had to take the star off - I had to fight to get my ankle in there and my ankles and feet are as thin as ever. I had to pull and pull and cause a good amount of pain to get these on.. Once on they fit fine - again except the ankles which felt tight and like they cut funny - I can’t describe it other than almost like they cut at the wrong spot. I even asked my wife and she agreed - my ankles and feet are not the issue - it’s at the bone. So, why are they gripping my ankle wrong? I used two different thicknesses on my socks - the thicker I couldn’t get on, the thinner worked fine. So I’m going with the 4 stars - I think if able to try on individual pairs I’d likely find one that fit perfectly. I do like the look and quality. They remind me of one of my favorite pairs. But I can’t figure out why they are cutting at my ankle and uncomfortable there. I’ll keep them - see if loosing the weight adjusts anything - but again, there’s nothing to loose in my ankle or foot, so... We’ll see. I’ll come back with an update when and if it’s warranted.


Fits me perfect. Very very nice boots, full leather. Been very durable. 10/10

Love These Boots!

These are high quality, comfortable, beautifully made leather cowboy boots from Silver Canyon. They come in a branded box and that smell of quality leather when you open it is something to write home about!

The boots are tall and handsome. The stitching is professional, and the embroidery is classic. The attention to detail is obvious. I got them in chestnut and enjoy the color.

The boots are leather lined for comfort. There are pull straps on each side of the tops. The soles are rugged, with good grip rubber. I like the rounded toe.

I wear a 12 in a shoe and ordered these in that size, but wide. I like to wear a padded sports sock in a boot, and these accommodate that. They felt good from the first time I pulled them on.

I often have to replace the insole in my boots with something that provides more arch support – not the fault of the manufacture. Yes, I needed a little more in the arch on these but did not want to replace the insole since they’re custom-made to fit the cowboy toe. Instead, I used double-sided 3M tape and cut two half-moon shapes about 2 inches long by 1 wide, stuck them under the arch, and got a custom orthotic fit.

These are my new favorite boots for horseback riding, wearing out on the town, or just going to the store.

Nice boots! Good Quality!

Right off the bat, I'd like to say, please order your regular size. They are not narrower than usual. They are normal size.
These are well-made, attractive boots. I'm really pleased with the quality, and so is my husband, who really likes cowboy boots. I'm not crazy about them, but these are excellent quality and are attractive. The soles are sturdy, traction is great, they seem to be durable. We ordered the chestnut and the color is exactly as pictured, the dye is even and rich looking-- it has depth, not flat like some other boots. Natural finish-- not a lot of shine-- this isn't a coating of dye and then tons of some shiny stuff to protect. This is natural looking, natural lustre. I don't really know how to explain it, but they aren't lacquered like some boots. I think that's a good thing.

Heel is the riding heel-- where it slants in. I prefer the straight heel. Also, although these have a point, they aren't quite as pointy as some. Wish they were rounder, but my husband likes them, so, well, he'll wear them.

You won't be disappointed with these boots. I would suggest getting them, taking advantage of Prime's free return if you aren't happy with them. The quality is good, these are excellent boots, stitching is pretty, nothing to complain about. If you like cowboy boots, you'll really like these.

Ad photo had misleading boot color

The Adverting photo made the boot look like a light natural leather TAN, what arrived was a dark brown that looked painted on.

The hat is fine but I was surprised it was made in china

Ordered my boots on Saturday & got
them Friday.. First time I ordered boots by mail. They fit perfectly. Am 74 & have worn boots all my life.... I Love them. Thank you 😊😊😊

Very nice hat

Very nice quality, really fits well. Very happy with the purchase.

Sturgis Crushable Wool Felt Outback Western Style Cowboy Hat by Silver Canyon


Very nice hat for the price. I wear it on my vacations out west.

Quality Product

Bopught these on Amazon. I am more then pleased with these boot. They are very comfortable and appear to be very well made. I take a very large size and finding boots in a size 15 is very hard to do. I use them on my small ranch as a work boot as well as an everyday boot. They slip into a stirrup easy and are easy on the feet working all day.

Great Hat

Love this hat. My head must be between a large and a medium. The large was a bit bit big. I added a little of the foam ring that came with it to back. It was great. Unfortunately I left it in a Hampton Inn in S. C.. I ordered a medium to replace it. It is a bit snug. I'm going to give it to my skinny head brother and order another large. Love this hat.

I am going to enjoy wearing my raffia. It's lightweight and style is what I was looking for to compliment my wardrobe.

Measure Head First Before Ordering!

Love This Hat, Fits Perfect.Already Ordered A Second One Just Now!Measure Head First Before Ordering And You Won't Be Disappointed!

Good for waterproofing

Product worked well. Spray can was smaller than I expected but I got two so I had enough.


I LOVE these boots. They work great for around the farm as well as just going to town!! They are so comfy, look amazing and go with anything you wear! HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!!!!

Handsome Hat

Hubby is so handsome in it!Food quality

Great product.

Loved it got lots of compliments. Will be purchasing fore friends and loved ones as gifts.